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                            1529 Superior Avenue

                            Pittsburgh, PA 15212


  Tri-State Snack Foods, Inc. is the current name of a business that began in 1958 under the name of the Crispy Pizza Company.  

On February 15, 1993, two brothers purchased Tri-State Snack Foods, Inc. and continued the 35 year old tradition.  

In December of 1998, Chyrel and John Lewis purchased the company.  They continued the pizza making tradition, but they added their own touch by creating new products such as Pepperoni rolls, hoagies and theatre style popcorn.  The Lewis' also incorporated many other products into their company to help service their customers better.  

To date, Tri-State Snack Foods,  Inc. is a very successful family owned business and they believe that freshness and quality are the most important factors in great food. 

Tri-State Snack Foods, Inc.

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